Green Home


GREEN HOME are the leaders in compostable packaging across South Africa. By using innovative technologies, they have made a real difference for retail stores and food vendors who once used single-use plastic food items.


This presented Capitalize with a fine challenge, which was to place GREEN HOME as the top website in its keyword niche and increase its organic eCommerce revenue within a short period of time with the intention to meet their relevant sales targets.

Times The Organic Growth Than Last Year.


GREEN HOME (GH) uses multiple traffic channels such as organic and PPC (paid media) in order to increase its revenue online through reaching a larger market on a national level. Once GH was optimised correctly for SEO, we focused on the top and lowest tier eCommerce items (as identified by WooCommerce) and optimised those over the weeks. This was in order to increase organic revenue with a more revenue targeted approach to meet the client’s growth plans. Did it work?nt’s growth plans. Did it work?



Capitalize began optimising GH in June 2019, so these metrics will cover June to the current date (June 1 2019 to July 22 2019). Note, RAND value has been blurred for confidential reasons.



While organic sessions are down (an annual drop), organic revenue is up slightly month-on-month due to targeted generic keyword research. Many of GH products were automatically named when loaded into its CMS and as such were not SEO friendly. As soon as the products were optimised and indexed by Google, their search value increased. This paid off greatly for annual results (see below).



This compares June 1 2019 to July 22 2019 to the same period in 2018


Organic revenue is now double that of the previous year, with a 38% organic session growth. If in an instance, the annual organic impressions grew by 10%, we would consider this successful from an SEO perspective. So in this regard, GH is a major success! It is our aim to increase annual organic revenue up and past 100% as our optimisation plan continues for GH.

Monthly site optimisation is an important component of SEO. Websites are not ‘one and done’ – you should never optimise a website and then leave it. Websites must be assessed daily for ranking drops and other organic issues that crop up. Who better to manage your companies SEO than the team at Capitalize!

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