Woodford Car Hire


Woodford are one of South Africa’s leading and largest independently owned car rental establishments whom were in need of a stronger and more targeted organic search and paid presence online. After our initial consultation with Woodford, we identified the problem area and outlined existing opportunities and KPI’s that led to consistent monthly growth across the relevant channels (being SEO and PPC campaigns).


Woodford desired to organically rank better on Google for ‘long term car rental’ keywords and to compete more effectively online against their other car rental counter parts in order to drive more online revenue for their business. Initially, there were a few keywords that Woodford was ranking for such as ‘long term’ or ‘monthly car rental’, but nothing on page 1 at the time before we took on the challenge upon ourselves and over exceeded their expectations.


Capitalize mined and researched keywords against the existing competition in successfully identifying organic competitor pages that ranked well in Google SERPs for long term/monthly keywords. The Capitalize team then reverse engineered their strategy and added a mix of other tactics to get ahead of the competition on this specific campaign with a proactive collaborative approach to achieve positive ROI. Therefore, as a result, Capitalize assisted Woodford in ranking for these specific keywords on page one in just a 2 month period.

Organic Keyword Growth %



As a conclusion, we’ve included below actual screenshots outlining the current organic rank on Google for long term/monthly car hire/rental keywords in South Africa pertaining to the Woodford SEO campaign:

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Furthermore, outlining the same keyword ranking growth that shifted 30-40 ranks up in just under 2 months for the keywords the client desired to rank better on Google: