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Creating brands for every business — from startups to small and medium-sized companies to non-profits and trade groups, Capitalize has got you covered.

At Capitalize Digital we are brand creators – experts in problem solving, innovative ideas, and technology solutions.

The Capitalize brand strategy, brand naming, brand identity and brand researching solutions help companies elevate and bring value to their brand. A brand is the personality of a business, and Capitalize can help you curate a brand that completely represents your company.

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Based in the beautiful city of Cape Town – Capitalize Digital is an entrepreneurial minded and focused digital marketing agency made up of a small, senior-level team who are hands-on from start to finish. Capitalize's focus and attention to detail help evaluate your company from top to bottom and create a brand that is truly differentiating.


Brand Research. Brand Strategy. Brand Name. Brand Identity.

33% of CMO's rank brand strategy as top 3 priority

A recent study by Gartner has found that thirty-three percent of CMOs rank brand strategy as one of their top three priorities amidst the covid-19 pandemic. Even during difficult times, branding remains important as it promotes loyalty in consumers.
We focus on answering to very critical questions:


What does your brand stand for and what does it mean to others?


What’s the correct go-to-market brand strategy that best serves your customers?
Brand Definition creates an understanding of what your brand stands for to both customers and employees. Our Brand Definition work is reinforced by Brand Positioning – a big, simple, impactful phrase (think: Nike Just Do It) that conveys your brand’s purpose, differentiates your brand and speaks to the highest value your brand delivers to your customers.
Brand Architecture helps establish the way your brand goes to market from a customer-based perspective. It’s not about telling clients what you make, it’s about telling them how you can best serve their needs and wants.
// Brand Evaluation
// Brand Definition / Positioning
// Brand Messaging
// Brand Architecture

Influential, unforgettable names.

Capitalize's Naming services include name development, trademark assessment, linguistic analysis, and consumer research. Capitalize's dedicated in-house team of naming experts deliver influential, unforgettable names that lead to longevity for your brand.
// Company/Division
// Product/Service
// Trademarks/Linguistics
// Naming Strategy

Helping you stand out, visually

Capitalize's identity services help your brand to stand out visually – not just when it comes to your logo, but consistently across every single aspect of your brand from colour scheme to web design.
Capitalize ensures a unique yet reliable consumer experience further building trust in your brand.
Capitalize will help you create differentiating visuals that effortlessly combine type, style, symbol and colour to portray your brand identity. Capitalize creates visual identities that can be used across all digital and analogue platforms.
Capitalize's intelligent brand guidelines and communication tools help to ensure that your brand identity is effectively launched for every audience.
// Logo Design
// Logo Style Guide
// Label & Packaging
// Website & Activation

That’s not all – there’s more.

Brand Guidelines
Brand Marketing
Brand Communications
Product & Lifestyle Photo Images
Art Direction
Brand Voice

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