Shopify Development


Creating an eCommerce store can feel like a daunting task. There are so many variables and your site will need to process and keep secure thousands of orders from your customers, who expect high security credibility. And that’s only to start with. Your business eCommerce site will also need to provide a clean and welcoming browsing experience with a good product search function and perfect mobile compatibility.

Only a few years ago a product this complex could have cost a fortune but at Capitalize we work on Shopify eCommerce development to bring you all of this quality and functionality, at a fraction of the the expense.


User-Friendly: One of the cost saving benefits is that editing the site in the backend is designed to be so straightforward that an internal developer is unnecessary. Even laymen are able to add products and features without needing coding experience.

Secure: One of the biggest concerns for any eCommerce start-up is the security of customer information at a time where hacking is rife. Shopify is known and trusted and has been around for a long time. Credit card and order information is kept secure by the Shopify host itself.
Mobile-Friendly: In Africa especially a ‘responsive’ or mobile-friendly site is critical to your success as over half of the market browses via mobile rather than desktop. A Shopify site is designed specifically to cater to various mobile screen sizes and will automatically display for each browser according to theirs.

SEO and Features: The CMS is excellent for search engine optimisation and by default will help you to reach the highest number of customers relevant to your target demographic. It also features benefits like abandoned cart recovery, to help you finalise any sales with a reminder to customers that their goods are still waiting for them.





At Capitalize our expert and friendly staff will discuss your specific needs, products, services and target demographics with you to get the best sense of what features of the platform would help you build the business you’ve dreaming of and capture your corner of the market.

To find out more about the Shopify eCommerce Development services on offer at Capitalize, contact us today for a free consultation.

To find out more about the Shopify Development services on offer at Capitalize, Contact us Today for a Free Business Audit Overview.