WordPress Development


When it comes to being available online, offering your customers an easy way to purchase your product online can be an invaluable way to set your business apart from the rest. eCommerce website design can be highly valuable and rewarding for your business when utilised correctly. So, make sure that the place where customers are finding out more about you and purchasing your product, represents your company in a professional manner.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) with a tremendous amount of flexibility and reliability. As an open source platform it receives more updates, plugins and troubleshooting attention than any other CMS.

WordPress now powers 30% of websites on the net and many of these are corporate sites which value the platform for its user-friendly customization options. With simple drag-and-drop site formatting and layout functionality, it is one of the only tried and tested CMS’ which any business can employ on a day to day basis without needing an internal developer.


Plugins: The CMS has hundreds of plugins, a vast array of which are entirely free, which can be added and removed to perform specific functions, such as automatic search engine optimisation (SEO) or eCommerce functionality.
Mobile-friendly: Most WordPress themes are developed to be ‘responsive’ or mobile-friendly by default. This is of critical importance in Africa especially as over half the market browses via their mobile phone.

No coding: No knowledge of HTML or any other programming knowledge is required in order to make changes or add content in the back-end. A visual user-interface is provided so that any layman can add content, from video to text and images.

Themes: WordPress is heavily supported by the community which means that, by now, there are literally hundreds of customisable themes to choose from. Some of these are optimized for running a business and others are more suited to personal use.


The friendly and expert staff at Capitalize will liaise with you regarding the requirements for your business site and investigate both what you sell or provide and the best way to do so online. We’ll then put together a recommendation for structure of a WordPress site which would best match those needs and construct it for you. Once it’s up and running according to your requirements we’ll even walk your staff through how to manage it. No internal developer resources required.

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