Fines SA

Generation of over 16000 leads for Fines SA

Fines SA


Lead Generation

The Problem

Fines SA provides a comprehensive way to check, save and pay traffic fines to over 250 Municipalities nationwide for an individual business or fleet. They approach the Capitalize team to help them reach a larger market online further than Google.

Project Stats
+26 Million

Growth in New Users


Growth in Traffic

B2C +16k

Increase in Leads


Tapped Meta Business (Facebook & Instagram Ads), which allowed us to achieve the following: reach a specific audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors & with Facebook's retargeting tools we are able to serve previously engaged audiences boosting conversions. Integration with other Facebook-owned platforms expands advertising channels and reaches a broader audience.


Fines SA set out to achieve their objective of generating leads through sign-ups. Their Meta ad campaign resulted in impressive numbers, with over 26 million impressions and a reach of nearly 2 million people. Most importantly, they successfully generated over 16,000 leads, demonstrating the effectiveness of their campaign in capturing potential customers' interest and engagement.

● Impressions: +26 Million
● Lucrative avenue by Account reach +2million
● Website leads for B2C +16k

In conclusion, community management played a crucial role as many individuals tend to perceive major discounts as scam advertisements. Variation of Creative allowed us to ensure users always stayed engaged.

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