Urban Spaces

How we helped Urban Spaces reach their desired target market and volume of quality leads at a reduced cost-per-lead month-on-month

Urban Spaces


Lead Generation

The Problem

Urban Spaces needed help reaching their desired target market and reaching the volume and quality of sales leads at a reduced cost-per-lead month-on-month.

Project Stats

Growth in New Users


Growth in Traffic


Increase in Leads


Implementing Google Ads machine learning bidding strategy, "Maximize Conversions," for their campaigns targeting brand and generic terms. This strategy allowed them to achieve their desired budget while optimizing bids in real-time to maximize leads. By leveraging this approach, they effectively managed their budget and expanded their reach to a wider audience, resulting in increased conversions and campaign effectiveness


Urban Spaces experienced a bi-annual increase in the lead rate of 76% in the niche market of corporate and retail interior design. Simultaneously, there was a bi-annual positive decrease in the cost per lead by 35%. The total number of leads generated also saw a growth of 26%.

In conclusion, we have found that Display expansion was ineffective, the main focus was on basic Google Search techniques instead. Implementing broad match keywords to the campaigns to increase reach.

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