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The Problem

During the time when Inospace launched its operations and went to market in 2017 and launched its initial spaces available for hire. As a business they were in need of a high volume of sales leads in order to fill these available spaces and start generating growth in the business with a strategy that would be scalable over time. At the time, Inospace was experimenting with below-the-line media which proved to be expensive and with little measurable results during this period. The client decided to look at other marketing options that were deemed to be more measurable and scalable to reach their B2B market more effectively.

Project Stats

Growth in New Users


Growth in Traffic


Increase in Leads

Inospace is a niched real estate and services company with a portfolio of 44 specialised properties that provide warehousing, logistics and workspaces. They have established themselves as a leader in acquiring, transforming, and managing innovative logistics and industrial assets focused on the SME market. They are home to almost two thousand businesses by owning and managing over half a million square metres of space.

The Solution

Considering this was a fairly new brand when we launched new campaigns, our focus initially was to have a stronger presence on the Google search engine in order to capture any user intent looking for the relevant spaces in the Cape Town and Johannesburg regions. The focus was both SEO and Google ads to do so measurably with a well thought out keyword strategy that made business sense. However, the volume of sales leads was not sufficient to achieve the desired growth they required due to the fact that the concept that Inospace launched at the time was novel in the B2B market and there just wasn’t sufficient demand on the search engines. We re-strategised as a consolidated team and made a recommendation to take a more brand awareness approach to the marketing from a digital marketing perspective and not just competing at the bottom of the funnel but instead get the brand out to the masses in the SME market. Facebook ads proved to be the secret ingredient and brought about x20 in additional sales lead volumes and further reinforced our Google search marketing efforts. Overtime we have developed a more integrated paid media approach to this campaign considering the complexity of this market’s buying journey and has proved to be very successful for the client for the last few years of working with this specific client.

SEO Conclusion

The last 2 years we’ve managed to rank for more relevant terms bringing in a lot more relevant traffic which converts better.


Inospace found the Facebook lead campaign objective to be highly successful, delivering 30% lead growth Y-oY and decreasing cost-per-lead by 30%. With the right audience and new video based assets, Inospace was able to accelerate filling in spaces.


Inospace found the Google ads campaign to be highly successful in, delivering 42% website lead growth Y-oY and decreasing cost per lead by 11%.

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