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PPC; A cost-effective ad model that drives measurable results.

Our results-driven approach to PPC

We employ a strategic approach to PPC, including research-driven keyword targeting, ad copy creation, landing page optimization, and ongoing campaign monitoring and optimization to drive clicks, conversions, and maximize ROI.

Real clients, proven results

Oliver and the team at Capitalize Digital have transformed JAYCOR’s PPC, remarketing and display advertising campaigns. Their strong attention to detail, fast turnaround and highly professional service has significantly and positively impacted our company’s online presence. Resulting in significant increases in site traffic, conversions and online orders.

Greg Pokroy from Jaycor

"Capitalize's true differentiator lies in their ability to push the envelope by keeping their finger on the pulse when it comes to new developments and exciting opportunities that drive the business further."

Essa Suleman from Woodford Car Hire

"They purchase media on Facebook and Google, target our customers and then report on the results on a monthly basis. They are always available for additional conversations on marketing ideas that we may have."

Adam Young from Rowdy

"I can't say enough good things about Capitalize Digital. They completely transformed our project and brought it to the next level with their expertise in UX."

Lashley Mooi from Altron

In an ever-changing digital environment, their ability to deliver consistent results and offer the latest techniques is what keeps our brand ahead of the competition."

Natasha Christensen from Inospace

Our clients love the work we do, start your PPC journey with Capitalize Digital today.

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The benefits of PPC are endless

Get ahead of the competition and boost your bottom line with PPC advertising.

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Immediate and tangible results

As opposed to other types of marketing campaigns, PPC offers immediate and targeted results in driving traffic to your website. By partnering with our experienced team, you'll gain access to comprehensive PPC management services that optimize your campaigns for maximum visibility and results.


Cost-effective and quality services

Achieving relevance between your website and search ads is a crucial component of minimizing PPC costs, as paid search remains one of the most critical campaign types in digital marketing. While investing money in paid media is a necessary step, our team leverages precise targeting and impactful creative to drive ROI that justifies the investment.


Aggressively competitive

For emerging companies, a well-executed PPC campaign can effectively level the playing field against established industry brands. By partnering with our PPC team, you can be rest assured that your paid media investments will yield significant returns, enabling your business to grow and compete effectively in your space.


Customisable targeting

Search ads can be targeted with remarkable precision to effectively reach consumers who are most likely to convert, or can be utilized more broadly to raise brand awareness among a wider audience.

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