How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business Survive Covid-19

The world may be facing uncertain times, but one thing that you should not question right now is the use of a digital marketing agency to keep your business front of mind during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Around the world, countries have gone into various stages of lockdown, and in South Africa, we were recently provided an outline of the various levels we are likely to go through over the remainder of the year.

Government is looking to get the economy moving once more, and those who are actively planning their strategies for the next few months will be one step ahead of their competition.

Although times ahead will certainly change for the long-term, using research from recent recessions will prove that digital marketing in hard times can pay off once recovery begins.

In a blog post from, they looked into a McKinsey study of 1000 companies in the US and their performance during and after recession.

Interestingly, it revealed that many companies that spent on growth during the crisis were able to come out on top after the recession, and subsequently became leaders and winners in their fields.

There was also a segment on a Harvard Business Review study of 4700 public companies, explaining various approaches to the crisis. Their findings indicated that companies with a progressive approach - balancing prevention and promotion through careful analysis of their business models - were able to outperform nervous companies that locked down on expenditure by well over 10% after the recession.

Another reputable report done by Bain also focused on how proactive companies, that managed to get the balance right during recession, enjoyed a boost to performance once the country’s economy began to grow again.

You have already seen a number of companies maximise performance in the medical, cleaning and food sectors. A good example is face masks.

When aligning with a digital marketing agency, like Capitalize, your opportunity for exposure even in lockdown is great. We will help leverage existing mailer databases, streamline paid promotion through Google or Facebook, as well as work on your website to improve SEO standards, which will offer longer term digital success throughout this period and help you get ahead of competition.

You and your business are not alone in this, talk to us today and we can assist in building the right strategy to achieve a balanced approach for your company.

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