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Our search engine optimisation services include an analysis of your website, followed by a step-by-step plan to have the website communicate keywords more effectively to search engines. Our ultimate goal is to empower you to generate more visitors and higher conversion of sales and leads on your branded platforms.

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Having the right tracking in place will enable you to understand and optimize on client patterns.

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SEO Consulting

An essential part of any successful SEO strategy is synergy across all teams and integrated platforms. As an SEO agency our professional SEO services allow us to consult with your team and all other third parties to add significant value to your SEO online presence.


On-page SEO

Your business will have content easily accessible to search engines pushing it up the rankings and in front of your customers’ eyes. Our team is ready to implement solutions to boost your rankings and improve your performance.


Organic Search

Development and targeted promotion of remarkable content that fulfils your needs by achieving, improving and maintaining the visibility of your web presence.


On-going Optimization

Our core search engine optimisation services include organic search, on-page SEO, link building, keyword research, weekly and monthly strategy, as well as reporting.

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What Is The Cost Of Running A SEO Campaign?
The cost of running an SEO campaign depends on factors like the scope of work, competitiveness of keywords, and the SEO service provider. Prices vary, but businesses can expect to invest anywhere from a few to several thousand rand per month for comprehensive SEO services.
Why Do You Need Alt Tags For Images?
Alt tags, or alternative text, are essential for image SEO because they describe the content and purpose of images to search engines. They improve accessibility for visually impaired users and provide context to search engine crawlers, helping them understand and index images accurately, which can enhance the website's overall SEO performance.
What Is Structured Data?
Structured data, also known as schema markup, is a code added to a website's HTML that helps search engines understand its content better. It provides context to search engines about the information on the webpage, enabling them to display rich snippets, knowledge graphs, and other enhanced search results, improving visibility and click-through rates.
What Is SEO Meta Data?
SEO metadata includes title tags, meta descriptions, and meta keywords that provide information about a webpage to search engines. These elements play a critical role in influencing search engine rankings and attracting clicks from search results pages by accurately summarising the page's content and relevance to user queries.
What Is SEO?
SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of improving a website's visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). This involves optimising various elements on the website to make it more relevant and authoritative for specific search queries, ultimately driving organic traffic and improving online visibility.
What Is Page Authority?
Page Authority (PA) is a metric developed by Moz that predicts the ranking potential of a specific webpage on search engine results pages (SERPs). It considers factors like backlinks, content quality, and relevance. Pages with higher PA scores are more likely to rank well for specific search queries.
What Is On-Page SEO?
On-page SEO refers to optimising individual web pages to improve their search engine rankings and organic traffic. This involves optimising elements like title tags, meta descriptions, headings, content, images, and internal links to make them more relevant and accessible to both users and search engines.
What Is Off-Page SEO?
Off-page SEO focuses on optimising factors outside the website to improve its search engine rankings and online visibility. This includes activities like link building, social media marketing, influencer outreach, and online reputation management to enhance the website's authority, trustworthiness, and relevance in search engine algorithms.
What Is Link Building?
Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. It is an important aspect of off-page SEO and plays a significant role in improving a website's authority, credibility, and search engine rankings. Quality backlinks from reputable websites signal to search engines that the content is valuable and relevant, contributing to higher rankings.
What Is Google SEO Compliance?
Google SEO compliance refers to adhering to Google's guidelines and best practices for optimising websites for search engines. This includes providing high-quality content, optimising for user experience, adhering to technical standards, and following ethical SEO practices to ensure favorable rankings and avoid penalties.
What Is Domain Authority?
Domain Authority (DA) is a metric developed by Moz that predicts a website's ranking potential on search engine results pages (SERPs). It is based on factors like backlink profile, website age, and content quality. Websites with higher DA scores are likely to rank better in search results.
What Is A Realistic SEO Timeline?
A realistic SEO timeline varies depending on factors such as website age, competition, and the scope of optimisation. Generally, significant improvements may be noticeable within 3-6 months, but achieving optimal results can take 6-12 months or longer. Continuous monitoring and adjustments are necessary for sustained success.
What Is Anchor Text?
Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink that users see on a webpage. It provides context and relevance to the linked page's content for both users and search engines. Optimising anchor text with relevant keywords can improve the linked page's visibility and search engine rankings for those keywords.
What Are Common SEO Mistakes?
Common SEO mistakes include keyword stuffing, irrelevant or low-quality content, neglecting technical SEO issues, ignoring mobile optimisation, poor website speed, neglecting local SEO, and engaging in black hat SEO tactics. Avoiding these mistakes is needed for achieving sustainable search engine rankings and maintaining online visibility.
What Is A Follow/ No Follow Link?
A follow link is a hyperlink that passes authority and ranking value from one webpage to another, signaling to search engines that the linked page should be crawled and indexed. In contrast, a nofollow link instructs search engines not to follow or pass authority to the linked page, typically used for user-generated content or paid links to prevent manipulation of search engine rankings.
What Are Good SEO Conversion Rates?
Good SEO conversion rates vary by industry, target audience, and specific goals. Generally, conversion rates between 2-5% are considered average, while rates above 5% are considered excellent. However, what constitutes a good conversion rate ultimately depends on factors like the quality of traffic, website usability, and the effectiveness of conversion optimisation strategies.
What Are SEO NAP Listings?
SEO NAP listings refer to the consistent presence of a business's Name, Address, and Phone Number across various online directories and platforms. This consistency is needed for local SEO, as search engines rely on accurate NAP information to verify a business's legitimacy and relevance to local searches.
What Does An SEO Agency Do For Their Clients?
An SEO agency provides a range of services to improve a client's online visibility and search engine rankings. This includes keyword research, on-page and off-page optimisation, content creation, technical SEO audits, website optimisation, link building, SEO reporting, and ongoing monitoring and optimisation to achieve and maintain top rankings for relevant keywords.
What Are Internal Links?
Internal links are hyperlinks that point from one page on a website to another page on the same website. They help users navigate the website, distribute link equity and authority throughout the site, and establish hierarchies and relationships between different pages. Internal linking is an essential aspect of on-page SEO and website structure.
Does Website And Hosting Speed Impact SEO Performance?
Yes, website and hosting speed significantly impact SEO performance. Faster loading times improve user experience, reduce bounce rates, and increase the likelihood of higher search engine rankings. Search engines like Google consider page speed as a ranking factor, emphasising the importance of optimising website speed for better SEO outcomes.
How Does A Page's Word Count Affect SEO?
The word count of a page can impact SEO by influencing its comprehensiveness and relevance to search queries. While there's no strict word count requirement, longer, well-written content often performs better in search results. However, quality and relevance are more important than word count alone.
Does My Business Website Need SEO?
Yes, every business website can benefit from SEO. With increasing competition online, SEO is essential for improving visibility, attracting organic traffic, and staying ahead in search engine rankings. Whether small or large, local or international, investing in SEO can significantly impact a website's success and online presence.
Does Google Analytics Help With SEO Reporting?
Yes, Google Analytics provides valuable insights into website traffic, user behavior, and conversion metrics, which are essential for SEO reporting. It helps track key performance indicators, identify trends, and measure the effectiveness of SEO strategies, enabling informed decision-making and optimisation.
How Does SEO Generate Leads?
SEO generates leads by attracting relevant traffic to a website through improved search engine visibility. By optimising website content, keywords, and meta tags, businesses can rank higher in search results, increasing the likelihood of users clicking through to their site. This targeted traffic is more likely to convert into leads or customers, thereby generating business opportunities.